1. hey we got a fighting chance!


    this is the best band to come out of lawrence, ks ever.

  2. all i wanna do is *!* *!* *!*

  4. there is still always…….

  5. why must i always see the ending at the beginning.


    it’s springtime fools, time to get out the lo-fi songs that make you appreciate things you never appreciated before

  6. oh my goodness, you have built in autotune

  7. don’t you dare
    life without you is too much to bear

  8. now my life is sweet like cinnamon
    like the fucking dream i’m living in

  9. 1969


  10. This is gonna be a pretty sweet device. I only wish I could get the Arcade Fire edition…

  11. is it a dream?

    is it a lie?

    I think I’ll let you decide.


  12. my favourite holiday!

    Today is my birthday! Send me a song that you like as a present!

  13. so there

  15. but please don’t cry just know that i have made these songs for you
    and if i die before i wake i pray the lord my soul to take

    cause i’m ready for the funeral