1. my gunshots will make you levitate

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  2. your mouth is open wide, you’re trying hard to breathe

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  4. wilwheaton:

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    Damn, Star Wars VII set in Chicago?

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  6. winterwools:

    Someday | The Strokes

    literally the best Strokes song there ever was or ever will be.

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    my brother sent me this yesterday after i posted my talking heads thing and i think i’ve watched it a hundred times since. i just can’t believe it exists and is real

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  8. Carrie Fisher hiding in the trash cans on the backlot of the Star Wars set.

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  13. in the quivering forest

    where the shivering dog rests,

    our good grandfather

    built a wooden nest

  14. theluthox:


    Lego fire walk with Me

    I’d rather do a real firewalk

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  15. do i know anyone?


    i don’t know anyone